Lost in Lunar was born out of a mutual love for travel, exploration and creativity.

Sister duo, Denise and Nellie, take inspiration from the carefree spirit of the modern bohemian.

The brand explores sensory fabrications within its designs, pairing fluid shapes with their signature prints and intricate detailing. Mixing tonal and textural elements allows the Lost in Lunar girl to curate an effortless look which expresses her creativity and individuality.

"Lost in Lunar is for the sun drenched souls, with the moon on their minds and salt water in their hair."
Nellie Awad
CEO / Founder Lost in Lunar

"In a world that's constantly trying to shape them, the Lost in Lunar girl chooses to live free"
Denise Al-Hantosh
Creative Director / Founder Lost in Lunar

In 2015, Lost in Lunar shed it's junior image as Wilde Heart the Label, evolving into a sophisticated, contemporary women's wear label. Designed in Melbourne and having carved a loyal customer base both locally and internationally, Lost in Lunar frequently debuts new arrivals, staying responsive to consumer trends.